Desensitized To Hate?

Is this is where we are now? Let's poke the other guy with a stick and say "It's not that my views are better, but wait, THEY ARE BETTER because they cause you to hate me?"

The Cost Of Being Open…

I have a very good friend, who is going through a very tough time right now. I call these times "The Barrel". She, and her husband, are in it. And at the moment, it won't stop rolling down the uneven, rocky hill. I am not going into details, but trust me, they are going through a very tough time.

Revisiting U2: The Joshua Tree 30 Years Later

This album, it’s broad themes are VERY relevant to today with what’s happening right now. The effect America is having on the world, what our government’s role is playing in that, and many other things that seem to mirror issues happening today, 30 years later.

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