My name is John

I am a husband…Father of 2…

A Christian (not the stereotype, the other kind)

A financially conservative socially liberal Independent MTV generation lover of all good music. A movie snob Italian food critic that is also a Marriott Platinum Lifetime member. A vinyl record player owning, biography reading New Yorker that vacations in Michigan and lives in Texas. Someone that believes you are innocent till proven guilty, while being a Washington Redskins/New York Yankees/NY Rangers fan. I truly miss what Jon Stewart has to say and don’t believe MSNBC and Fox News 95% of the time. And I am a person who is loyal and truthful, even though it occasionally gets me in trouble…



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  1. In other words you’re a real person, someone who can find something in common with almost anyone, someone who might be able to help bring us together, not tear us farther apart. God bless you. (When I edit mss, I usually change the pronoun “that” to the more personal and human “who.”)

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