25 Things I Have Learned From 25 Years of Marriage!

Today I have been married 25 years to Kelly Anne White Trapane! This is a landmark, and unfortunately becoming more of a rarity in this day and age. With that in mind I thought it would be good to pass along the wisdom I have learned after 25 years with this special lady…

You should marry your best friend – If you don’t see yourself having conversations with this person for the rest of your life, it’s the wrong person!

The female species, is the superior species… (Ex: Childbirth)

Dinner, at the dinner table, laughing uncontrollably with the kids is one of the most important things in the world…

393300_10151078016139531_240474183_nFostering shelter dogs is nothing more than LOVE passed on from your family to their “fur-ever” family…

Facebook can be used to find out where your husband is when friends ask you at church on Sunday morning…

The existence of the term “Surface Abuser”, which describes my wife’s general household organization process. And it is genetically passed down to the daughter…

Filling the car with gas, doing laundry/dishes without being asked is a love language…

mvKKHEYThe term “Mama Bear” is not one of endearment, but a very accurate description of a mother when her children are threatened, mistreated or possibly in danger in any way…

Painting together can hard be on a relationship… (We maybe have had 5 real voice raised fights in our marriage, 2 were over painting together…)

Patience is when she waits for me to figure out something for myself, when she knew what the answer was all along…

Taking your wife out on dates is more important than flowers and gifts!

7c7fab3139401c8f5b18fcb6127698d7The term “Guttenburgesque” is used for movies/TV shows that are fun, light, violence free and don’t stress you out before bed.

At times, and you must know these times, I get more credit for listening than trying to fix a problem.

There must always be coffee and coffee-mate in the house… Or people die… Figuratively… as far as we know.

I know what strength and determination looks like because my wife lives with constant pain in one form or fashion every day of her life…

rush.jpgThe band Rush is fully capable of changing one’s mood for the better!

The proper way to pronounce sister is “see-ster” Sisters also need to be let out and run free together 2-3 times a year.

Christmas is better when you go around the room and open one gift at a time…

pageWilliam Shatner, Patrick Stewart, David Duchovny and Kyle MacLachlan are the best looking men on the planet… (Depends on which year)

We were always meant for each other because she loves yard work and I love to clean the house… (We strongly dislike the opposite!)

Hair in the shower drain is much more fun when it is referred to as a Tribble…

I am actually capable of making friends… (you’ll have to ask me about that to understand)


Paul and Jamie from Mad About You are our alternative universe twins! Pretty much the first 5 years of our marriage is that show…

A home is not four walls and a piece of land, its what happens inside..

This crazy life, this dream of “chasing the music” of mine, wouldn’t have worked if she hadn’t been the support and the grounding I needed to do it…

I know who Jesus is, cause she made the introduction…

….Ok it’s 26, did you really count?

Bonus Content:

I give Kelly a song every year she hasn’t heard, here’s the playlist of all of them… Of course #25 won’t be added till later tonight… And I am sorry I think there are 2-3 of them that you can’t listen to cause they are not on Spotify… #notcomplete

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